Amanda Gayle (amandagayle) wrote,
Amanda Gayle

Oh, Mazda.

Why do I want to know certain things? How is a working knowledge of Zoroastrianism going to help me with anything in life? Study of any sort of engages and exercises the mind, but I could be just as entertained by quantum physics, couldn't I? Actually, quantum physics isn't all that applicable to anyone in my situation either.
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I tried teaching myself quantum physics a year or so back, but again and again it seemed like for every one thing I tried to figure out, I'd discover there were ten more concepts I first had to be completely familiar with.

Which, for a guy like me who spent most every science class with my face devoted to what I was currently doodling, means most all of "physics" stuff is very soggy in my head.

Think you've got the sand to figure it all out if you so felt the need?