Amanda Gayle (amandagayle) wrote,
Amanda Gayle

I found this in a notebook I'd lost while moving to the North Country...

Remember the night kids,
crouching cool in the dark,
Slim hunched shadows
making their marks
on the walls of your young mind.

Remember the lean days ~
mean days, scream days
And the way your mouth was
a constant gape, and the way
your mindscape was rotting.

Remember the numbness, the hollow
happiness of nail biting security
of beeing needed by vampires
And the way your heart cracked
a little more with every infiltrated
panic attack.

One step forward, two steps back.
Tangled in the years and lovers
and fears. Caught in dreams ~
Sleeping all this time, you
never paid mind to the realization.


When the second verse killed the first
what mad you think this time
would be different?
Fleet feet kept you safest happy before
in your plaintive angst.
Some kids weren't built to be happy,
and some chicks were made
to have sharp teeth ~
Knives out little girl blue.
bite those chains ~ 2 links
14k ~ "white gold"
Breaks jaws.
And Panic
claws at your throat
oh Airlessness.
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