Amanda Gayle (amandagayle) wrote,
Amanda Gayle

Talk About the Weather.

I'm driving myself crazy. I may gnaw off a leg. It's about the way I'm trapped, and the way this feeling is unreasonable. It's about wanting to be more than what I am, and do more than what I'm doing, and how it's crazy it's this way, because what I am and where I am and everything about me should be good enough for anyone.
It's humid in NNY in June. Actually, it stays that way for the better part of the summer. I arrived here early July last year, and now it appears I'll be leaving here right around almost exactly a year later. It hasn't been a bad year. The winter was mild, apparently (although if we'd had the same in WA it would've been deemed a rough one), and I feel lucky for that. I never did buy a winter coat, like Cory said I'd need. I just stole the one he got in Germany, military surplus or something, lined with fake fur, and hooded, and too big for me, and it felt like wearing a protective blanket tent. ("Be sure she has a coat so warm, to keep her from the howling wind...")
It amazed me how fucking windy it gets up here. I started writing a blog, "About the Weather," because it seemed like that's all I had to say last summer, fall and winter. And then spring happened, and moving happened, and I had other things to say, finally. Now, again, it's talk about the weather.
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